Don’t Forget Your Social Security Card

Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer Rick MorinThere is a lot to remember during the bankruptcy process. A very important part of each bankruptcy is the Meeting of Creditors. Are you prepared for yours?

Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

At your Meeting of Creditors (sometimes called a 341 Hearing by attorneys), you will be asked some questions. The questions are about your bankruptcy papers and financial affairs. The hearing is conducted under oath by your bankruptcy trustee.

The very first thing that the Trustee will do at your Meeting of Creditors is verify who you are. You can guess why. The court needs to ensure that the person being interviewed is the actual debtor. Why would someone else show up? Trust me, it happens.

The Trustee will request a government-issued photo ID. You are also required to show proof of your social security number. Photo ID is usually your California driver’s license, California ID card, passport, or military ID. Proof of social security number is typically your social security card or your medicare card. Why medicare card? Your medicare card is one of the only other government documents that contains your full social security number.

Why You Need Your Social Security Card

I occasionally see debtors appear at their Meeting of Creditors without one or both of these documents. Most often missing is the social security card. Some Trustees will not conduct the interview without proper paperwork. Others will move forward the interview but require you to come back to court at a later date with the required documents.

If you are like most people, you only want to go to the federal courthouse in Sacramento once. This means that you need to remember to bring your ID and social security card with you to court. Make a note in your calendar or put it in your phone. Don’t forget!

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